Interview is the first production from PH Masks, a theatre company established by Tiffany Hofstetter, Charles Collin and Julie Peugeot. Although based in Paris, PH Masks’s goal is to build bilingual international projects in collaboration with its many partners abroad.


This production of Interview at the Avignon Festival 2018 is but the first step on a journey that will then take the project to the Edinburgh Fringe and on to North America. Interview was presented at the Théâtre du Lucernaire in November 2018 and will play at the Théâtre de laManufacture des Abbesses from February 12th 2019 to April 24th 2019.

PH Masks is proud to present it's most recent production, in co-production with Div-art, Un Tramway Nommé Desire by Tennessee Williams, at the THEÂTRE LA SCENE PARISIENNE from January 14th till April 12th 2020. 


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PH Masks' first  production is the stage adaptation of Interview by Theodor Holman, stage adaptation by Tom Morton, and directed by the acclaimed director Thierry Harcourt, with Tiffany Hofstetter and Tom Morton. Interview will open at the Avignon Theater Festival in 2018 before coming to Paris at the Lucernaire in November 2018, and the Théâtre de la Manufacture des Abbesses in 2019. 

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